Care Makes a Dad

Care Makes a Dad

Care Makes a Dad

Happy Father’s Day! At Little Wish Toys we know and value that Father figures exist in a variety of people. We believe that what makes a father comes down to the care, impact, and support these people provide throughout our lives and in their desire to see us grow and flourish. Not all families look the same, and that’s what makes each connection that much more magical and special. 

As with our Mother’s Day post, I wanted to take the time to highlight three of the men in my life who watched me grow and picked me back up whenever I tumbled.

Isam: My dad

My dad has always been the smartest person I know. Sharp, observant, and endlessly hardworking my dad believes in what he allots his time to and gives it his all especially when it comes to his family. I can’t think of a time where he hasn’t been the one by my side when I’ve needed support or someone to bolster my resolve, reminding me of my capabilities, but also reminding me that so long as I try my best I haven’t failed. In everything there’s a learning opportunity, and in those opportunities lies success even if it doesn’t quite pan out the way I had imagined. This perspective taught me to be brave and to put myself out there even when I had my doubts. It also taught me how to be that voice for others.

I am forever grateful for his influence and support, and pride myself on the qualities I feel I share with him.

Issa: My sidi

Vibrant and confident, the world paused when Sidi would walk into a room. As a kid and through my teen years I struggled with my own confidence and with feeling like I was important enough for my voice, but Sidi was a reminder that being myself was what made me valuable. He taught me that if I believed it and saw it in myself, so would others. And for those who didn’t? Well, that was really more their problem than mine.

I can think of many times growing up where he was there for me, even when it came to things he didn’t understand or necessarily agree with himself. Sidi allowed me my own path through life, just reminding me to keep my head up.  

Khalid: My babaKhaled

Growing up all I have ever seen is the patience and kindness my babaKhaled exudes. I remember hearing from my mom how he and my abuela met at a dance and even though they didn’t share a language, they fell in love and grew a family. I think of how his personality and heart shine and of the love he had to have for humanity to learn another language with his partner and then learn hers and share his own. BabaKhaled was sometimes quiet, but always observant, and generally the funniest person in the room.

In my teens and twenties I remember so admiring his desire to continue to travel and see the world, and felt so honoured when he and abuela would come visit me in Portland, Oregon. I remember one trip being so excited to show them the rose garden that I all but dragged them up several hills only to later feel bad that the hike had been steeper than my recollection. But when I asked about it, what I saw was that he was so happy to share the love of the roses with me and that he was happy to allow me the space to see and be apart of something I loved so much. 

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