About Us


Hello and welcome to our shop! We are very happy to have you here. 

Little Wish Toys is an independent toy store in Richmond, VA that strives to be a safe space that inspires children and their imaginations. A place where they can be unapologetically themselves, and a place that offers products and tools to help them develop new life skills and social awareness as they grow into the people they want to be. We hope that you will learn and grow with us!

This is our family!

Shan (she//they))


Shannon is a moony little creature with big eyes and bigger dreams. Her favourite colour is rainbow and the three best things about her are her big heart, creative spirit, and sense of curiosity.

Yasmin (she//her))

Shipping & Inventory Manager

Yasmin loves gifting and looks forward to packaging your special order so you'll have a what's-in-the-box experience. She has a cat who also loves packaging, especially boxes and ribbons! Three ways to describe Yasmin are unconventionally curious, relentlessly connecting, joyfully grateful.


Mascot & Inspiration

Likely the most toy obsessed of all of us, Nero embraces each morning with joy and excitement. One of the most loving animals you’ll ever meet, Nero’s favourite things are whatever you’re eating, playing in the water, and his bark box toys.