Glo Pals Characters


Insert your light-up cube into the back of your new Glo Pal, place them in water, and watch them glow! Glo Pal characters come with posable arms and sparkling personalities! Perfect for bath or water time fun, these friends are sure to bring smiles all around.

Meet the crew!:

Blair: Glowing in blue, Blair is amazingly cheery, positive, and always ready to play. I mean just look at him with his sweet glasses and huge smile!

Lumi: The social butterfly of the group, Lumi glows in purple and loves her friends!

Pippa: She may be the shortest, but Pippa is the brains! Place her in water to see her glow green.

Alex: Bright and glowing in yellow, Alex loves sunshine and being with his pals!

Sammy: Sammy is tall and loves sports! Place him in water and he’ll glow in red.

Party Pal: This pal is ready to celebrate and boasts lighting up in nine different colors!

Intended for children 3 and up. Each cube lasts a minimum of sixteen lighted hours. The batteries are sealed within each cube to ensure the children’s safety, and therefore are not replaceable. For a longer lifespan, remove the cubes from liquid when they are not in use and dry them prior to storage. Try giving the cubes a little shake to knock out any excess water and set them out to dry!

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